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Lockdown Activities!

19 May 2020

Kingfisher Beaver Scout Colony

CV19 Beaver Scouting online

So we are now into week 6 of Beaver Scouting from a distance and the amount of badges that the Beaver Scouts have gained during this time is steadily increasing – HUGE THANKS TO MUMS AND DAD for your support given the pressures of having to work at home and home school.

What have the challenges been I hear you ask since our last update – Well the Beavers were invited to take part in a competition set by JD sports to design a futuristic tent – lots of solar panels were used in the creations as was a glowing front door 😊.

We set the communicator badge as another challenge when the Beavers had to :-

Learn how to make a phone call, learn their telephone number, learn to send a text or email, spell their name in the phonetic alphabet and also translate a phonetic message from one of their leaders.

A great week was all about Clouds – the Beavers learnt 3 different cloud types and then were asked to keep a cloud diary for a 7 days noting down the clouds they saw twice a day and then to finish the challenge they had an experiment to create their own cloud – see photos below.

A couple of weeks ago it was the Skills challenge and the Beavers had to think of 10 silly ways to use their group scarf some of my favourite ideas were to use it as a skirt ( possibly a bit short for me lol ) to use it as a kite and throw for the dog. There were also had other skills to do i.e. – keep your bedroom tidy, decorate some biscuits or cakes, make your bed, set an alarm, tie a shoelace.

Last Thursday ( St George’s Day ) we took part in the Hike a Mile national scouting challenge in collaboration with Children in Need and Sport relief – photos below and also very importantly in our uniforms clap for the NHS .

This week our lovely leader Swan has set the challenge but you will have to wait for our next update to find out what that was 😊

Our very special news is that we had our first online Beaver Scout Investiture and on St Georges Day Charlotte Wren was invested via Watsapp – Charlottes Mum presented the badges and a very proud Grandparents John and Nettie Wren watched by the power of technology too – one for 1st Hythe history book.

Keep safe and well

See you all very soon

Grey Owl ( Debby Pearce)Β  if you would like further information about any of the scouting sections please do contact us via the website )