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We take the issue of privacy of all of our members and visitors very seriously. The following privacy policy outlines how we will (if we will) collect, use and share data collected by anyone using this site. Should you have any questions please contact the website administrator at

Photograph Policy


The photos we will use

  • We will only use photos from our own group events or other events officially linked to scouting that the group is involved in. (Such as KIJ)

How the photos will be stored and used

  • The photos that we use will be stored securely on the website’s hosted server. They will be held securely and will only be held whilst in use. Should you change your mind at any time the photos will be removed from the storage location and permanently deleted.
  • When your Son/Daughter leaves the group, unless you specify otherwise, we will assume you are happy for the group to keep the photos taken whilst your Son/Daughter was in the group for historical purposes. (e.g Future reunions, open days etc). Should you change your mind, you can email us at and we will delete them as per your request.
  • The photos we store may be used on our group’s website at and on our official Facebook page @1stHythe for purposes of advertisement of our group.
  • We will never include names in any posts or photos we share, nor will we use any other information, other than the photo(s) being used. We will never advertise any of our meeting times publicly on our website or Facebook page.


Information Policy


Collecting and Sharing of Data

The use of this site may require the use of cookies. Cookies are used to make most websites operate correctly and to record information received from visitors. Google Analytics also collects  information which includes things such as;  pages visited, time of visit, time spent on website, origin country and type of OS.

Cookies and Google Analytics will NEVER collect or store any personal information such as; names, emails or addresses.

For more info on Google Analytics please visit

Unless you specifically contact us through the website or via email, this website does not collect information other than that described above.

Storage of Data

Any data collected is stored in a secure hosted database on our web server. This includes login details for all members that use this site.

Access to this database is restricted using specifically allocated usernames and passwords. Each member with a login to the site is required to:

  • Keep login details secure and secret
  • Never log on using shared / public computers.
  • Always sign out
  • Only obtain/edit data relating to their role.

Any data you have provided relating to our use of Online Scout Manager is stored securely on OSM’s servers and is again restricted to certain people within the group. Information regarding events that have been added to the program on OSM may be shared with this website and advertised accordingly.

We reserve the right to communicate any data as we hold to third parties who are empowered by regulation, statute or order of a court.

Advertisement Policy

This website may include advertisements from third parties. If you have given permission, we may use your information and provide this to the third parties advertising on our site.

More information

Information regarding the Data Protection Act can be found here:

Or contact details of the group can be found below:

Burton Hall

Albert Ln, Hythe, CT216BY